Infantry Battalion holds Basic Airborne Combatant TrainingInfantry Battalion holds Basic Airborne Combatant Training

From July 4th to 8th, the soldiers from the 2nd Light Infantry Battalion’s variable personnel carried out the Basic Airborne Combatant Training Program (EBCA).

The EBCA aims to teach and develop the tactics and techniques of using helicopters in military operations and the basic attributes of the affective area, such as body spirit, hardiness, and combativeness, besides strengthening the mystique of the Aeromobile troop.

Throughout 2022, the 2nd BIL managed to train and qualify, as aeromobile fighters, 285 military personnel, which is equivalent to 45% of the battalion’s personnel.

This qualification is part of the training and instruction of the members of the 2nd BIL, since the battalion became, in 2022, an Aeromobile Unit, and is now one of the strategic forces of the Brazilian Army, directly subordinated to the 12th Light Infantry Brigade (Aeromobile), “Brigada Fornovo Di Taro”.

Source: 2nd Light Infantry Battalion

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