The last stage of certification of the 3rd cycle of the Readiness Force (FORPRON) of the 5th Armored Cavalry Brigade (5th Bda C Bld) was marked by a highly difficult field exercise, carried out in the early hours of Friday, May 20th.

The exercise moved the Brazilian Agricultural Research Company (EMBRAPA), in Ponta Grossa, simulated a Night Attack, with 108 armored vehicles, 144 non-armored vehicles and 1,200 military personnel. The exercise, unprecedented for the 5th Army Division (5th DE), will be part of all certifications from now on.

“It was an extremely emblematic exercise for the operational forces. It is a very difficult operation to carry out already in daylight, imagine then in adverse conditions, such as at night. It was an exercise of high complexity, but carried out successfully, with tactical movement on the ground very well coordinated and synchronized,” highlighted the Commander of the 5th DE, Division General Castro.

Division General Castro – Commander of the 5th Army Division

In the task-force level night attack, there were three sub-units against an enemy in position. The forces vectored by the Fire Support Simulator gave a real notion of the shots and combat efficiency. The attack was carried out with a gap-opening operation, with support and assault forces supported with artillery and mortar fire.

“This Night Attack, coordinated by a task force with night vision goggles, really certifies the 5th Armored Cavalry Brigade as a defense force, a powerful force, the most powerful force in the 5th Army Division and one of the most powerful in the Army. It not only certifies, but raises the level of the Brigade, the Division, and the Army as a whole,” pointed out the Commander of the 5th Armored Cavalry Brigade, Brigadier General Sabbá.

It was 10 days of intense troop training, focused on offensive actions of a task-force, involving day and night exercises. The constructive and live phases took place at the General Calazans Training Field and at EMBRAPA, both located in Ponta Grossa.

The certification was supported by Army Aviation and had the participation of a reconnaissance and attack aircraft section from the Army’s 1st Aviation Battalion, consisting of two Esquilo helicopters.

The troops that make up the Readiness Force are able to carry out any mission in the national territory, as well as, by order, act as Expeditionary Forces, or even Peace Forces.

Source: 5th Army Division (5ª Divisão de Exército) *** Translated by DEFCONPress***

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