From May 23rd to 27th, the students of the 4th Mountain Light Campaign Artillery Group (4° GAC L Mth) undertook the 1st Long Duration Exercise in the Juiz de Fora Field of Instruction, whose objective was to develop and execute, in the field, the knowledge obtained in the theoretical instructions previously given.

The activity began with operational readiness and an 8 km march. Throughout the week, instructions were given on day and night orientation, day and night observation, the esclarecedor e do mensageiro (spotter and messenger) trail, day and night progression, crossing water courses, rope courses, first aid, and, as a final exercise, the students marched for 12 km.

During the activity, the students were evaluated on several attitudinal contents inherent to the military career, such as self-confidence, cooperation, creativity, decision, professional enthusiasm, initiative, persistence, and camaraderie.

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