Mechanized Infantry Readiness Force performs field certificationMechanized Infantry Readiness Force performs field certification

Campinas (SP) – From August 15th to 19th, Operation Steel was carried out in the cities of Campinas, Jaguariuna, Amparo and Pedreira, in the state of São Paulo. It is a field exercise with the objective of certifying the subunit that integrates the Readiness Force of the 15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (15ª Bda Inf Mecanizada), from Cascavel (PR).

The subunit is composed of a company from the 28th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, plus a platoon from the 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, both from the 11th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, in Campinas. During the training period, the Subunit Commander, the officers, and the sergeants participated in the virtual simulation, held at the Centro de Adestramento Sul (CA-Sul), and in the exercises carried out by the surrounding command, the 34th Mechanized Infantry Battalion (34th BI Mec), in the cities of Cascavel and Foz do Iguaçu (PR).

The certification had the participation of members of the Task Force Command of the 34th BI Mec, of the 15th Bda Inf Mec and CA-Sul, responsible for checking the techniques, tactics and procedures employed by the troop in several missions.

Operation Steel involved simulated military problems, such as offensive and defensive actions, operational readiness, issuing the order of operations, mechanized combat march, coordinated attack, and reorganization in a defensive position.

The objective of the Readiness Force is to prepare the troops for the Readiness Cycle, making them able to operate in real missions of conventional combat, operations to ensure law and order, and interagency operations, throughout the national territory.

Source: 28th Mechanized Infantry Battalion

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