Parachute Artillery conducts training with Fire Support SystemParachute Artillery conducts training with Fire Support System

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – The 8th Parachute Field Artillery Group (8th Parachute GAC Pqdt) conducted the 2nd phase of Operation Condor Fogos, a training exercise on the fire combat function that took place within the Parachute Infantry Brigade. Held at the Gericinó Training Center (CIG), in the second half of August, the exercise aimed to practice the integration of the Fire Support Systems of the Parachute Infantry Brigade (Bda Inf Pqdt) in the application and control of fire in basic combat operations and to train the members of the Fire Support Systems in the processes of planning and coordination of fire.

The activity, foreseen in the General Rules of Action for Fires (NGA Fogos) of the Airborne Brigade, was preceded by a doctrinal review and an Internship in Conducting Artillery Fire by an Observer of any Weapon. After that, operational plans were drawn up and, finally, the exercise was carried out on the ground, with the actual firing of field artillery.

Besides the members of the 8th Pqdt GAC, also participating in the operation were members of the 25th Parachute Infantry Battalion, the 26th Parachute Infantry Battalion, the 27th Parachute Infantry Battalion, and the 1st Parachute Cavalry Squadron; as well as soldiers from the Parachute Infantry Brigade Command Company, the 20th Parachute Communications Company, and the 21st Parachute Antiaircraft Artillery Battery.

Source: 8th Parachute Field Artillery Group

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