Authorities from the Brazilian Army and the U.S. Army accompany the combined exerciseAuthorities from the Brazilian Army and the U.S. Army accompany the combined exercise

Leesville, Louisiana (USA) – On August 25, a delegation from the Brazilian Army met with generals from the U.S. Army to follow the progress of the combined exercise between the two countries, the CORE 22 (Combined Operations and Rotation Exercises). The training, which is taking place on American soil, at Fort Polk, in the state of Louisiana, involves 219 military personnel from the Brazilian Army.

The exercise has been taking place at the Fort Polk military base / Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) since August 4 and will last until next September 6. The head of the Brazilian delegation, the Brazilian Army Land Operations Commander, Army General Estevam Cals Theophilo Gaspar de Oliveira, highlighted the importance of the exercise for the development of interoperability. “What we have seen throughout these exchange operations is that our military personnel learn a lot and with a greater degree of realism. For our main mission, which is homeland defense, it is a great gain in techniques, tactics, and procedures, both individual and collective. Activities like this allow us to greatly improve the individual capacity of our combatants, as well as the collective capacity up to the company level.

JRTC commander General David W. Gardner also stressed the importance of the activity. “It’s been a very good exercise with the Airborn Division. The military has integrated very well with the Battalion. We don’t fight alone, we need to train together, be able to learn from each other and understand how each other works now, before we are facing the enemy.”

The Deputy Commander of the U.S. Army South, General Lynn M. Heng, emphasized the positive interaction between the troops. “In my years in the (U.S.) Southern Army, I have had the pleasure of interacting with the Brazilians on numerous occasions and each time we have exchanged many learnings and experiences. This type of exercise is important because we need to be ready for combat at any time, and it helps us build our defensive capabilities.

The Land Operations Commander also highlighted the contribution of exercises like this one to the main mission of the Brazilian Army. “We exist to defend the Homeland in a situation of armed conflict, we have to be ready for war. That is what the Army exists for, and this exercise helps us to be prepared for our core business.

The Brazilian delegation followed a live fire training session and met with representatives from the U.S. Army to watch presentations on exercise CORE 22, the history and structure of the American troops involved in this edition.

The Commander of Land Operations of the Brazilian Army was accompanied by the Chief of Logistics Operations Coordination Center, Division General Flávio Mayon Ferreira Neiva; the Army Attaché at the Diplomatic Representation of Brazil in the United States of America, Brigadier General Ulisses de Mesquita Gomes; the Chief of Land Force Preparation, Brigadier General Alexandre Oliveira Cantanhede Lago; and the Commander of the 12th Light Infantry Brigade (Aeromobile), Brigadier General Rodrigo Ferraz Silva.


Exercise CORE 22 is the result of a cooperation program signed between Brazil and the United States, which stipulated annual bilateral exercises until the year 2028, promoting interoperability between the two armies. The exercise also aims to contribute to the improvement of the Land Force Operational Readiness System (SISPRON), certifying Brazilian Army troops for international operations.

Source: CORE 22 Company *** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team ***

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