Live fire: real fraction fire execution during Exercise CORE 22 in the USALive fire: real fraction fire execution during Exercise CORE 22 in the USA

Louisiana (USA) – On Soldier’s Day*, in the context of Exercise CORE 22, the Brazilian company of the Air Mobile Brigade conducted a fraction real fire activity.

Live Fire is the tactical attack exercise, with execution of live fire, which methodologically occurs in four days.

On the first day, the fragmentary order is received and the troops move to the assembly area for the attack. On the second day, the collective weapons are validated and approved to verify the technical conditions of the weapon and its garrison. On the penultimate day, the field attack is executed, with blaster ammunition, using the tactical engagement simulation device. Finally, on the last day, the attack is carried out with live ammunition from all the weapons involved (rifle, mortar, recoilless cannon, etc.).

This activity takes place in the context of Exercise CORE 22 and is coordinated by the Live Fire Division of the JRTC Operations Group.

During Live Fire, the security and command and control of the fractions, as well as the action zone of the small fractions receive special attention.

In the certification process that the Brazilian troops go through, this was one more stage, and it was part of the troop cohesion and interoperability to accomplish the mission in an efficient and safe way.

*Date commemorated by the Armed Forces in Brazil – learn more:

Source: Army Social Communication Center

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