Soldier's Day in Brazil: the Homeland reveres the memory of CaxiasSoldier's Day in Brazil: the Homeland reveres the memory of Caxias

Brasília (DF), 08/25/2022 – One of the most important and symbolic events in the history of Brazil is celebrated this Thursday (25th), when Soldier’s Day is commemorated. Held throughout the country, the date refers to the birth day of Marshal Luís Alves de Lima e Silva, the Duke of Caxias, patron saint of the Brazilian Army.

Born on August 25, 1803, Caxias participated in various episodes in Brazilian history. With more than 60 years of service to the homeland, he acted in the containment of revolts in the 19th century, being worthy of being named Peacemaker of Brazil.

Due to his vast biography and evident feeling of patriotism, he is today the symbol of all Brazilian soldiers who, day in and day out, dedicate themselves to the defense of the Homeland, the sovereignty and, not infrequently, the lives of the Brazilian population.

Following Caxias’ example, today’s soldiers are preparing to act inside and outside our territory, in peace missions, in activities to ensure law and order, supporting public security agencies, protecting the environment, patrolling the country’s borders, and helping the population when affected by natural disasters, among other tasks.

From the simplest graduation to the highest military rank, the soldiers spare no efforts to protect and provide security to their compatriots in all corners of the Nation. Overcoming limits imposed by the adversities of everyday life, they are a source of pride for all Brazilians, who place their highest confidence in the Brazilian soldier.

This Thursday, the Brazilian Army promotes, at the Monumental Stage of the Army Headquarters – SMU, a military solemnity in commemoration of the Soldier’s Day. The Ministry of Defense takes this opportunity to pay homage and express eternal gratitude to these brave and true heroes, who fight to guarantee peace for all and progress for Brazil!

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