Mechanized Infantry Battalion holds vehicle baptism in SPMechanized Infantry Battalion holds vehicle baptism in SP

The 37th Mechanized Infantry Battalion (37th BI Mec) held the “baptism” ceremony of the Guarani Armored Personnel Carriers – on Wheels (VBTP-SR Viaturas Blindadas de Transporte de Pessoal – Sobre Rodas), named Penápolis, Cafelândia, and Promissão.

The ceremony, which marks the incorporation of the vehicles to the battalion, took place on June 21, with the presence of the respective mayors of the honored cities.

The Guarani VBTP-SR add greater mobility, firepower, shock action, and armored protection to the 37th BI Mec, enabling the use of the infantry-vehicle binomial at the Sentinel of Northwest São Paulo.

In this opportunity, the military personnel who concluded the Car Commander Training Course were congratulated for finishing the training, in the context of the mechanization process of the 11th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, foreseen in the Army’s Strategic Project.

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