Logistics Modules Support Operations Amazon and CurareLogistics Modules Support Operations Amazon and Curare

In the period from June 13 to 21, the 16th Logistics Base (16th Ba Log) supported operations Amazon (Amazônia) and Curare with the deployment of a Logistical Detachment, in 100% riverine structures. The 800-ton barge “Adonai” was used, with dimensions that allowed for the deployment of distribution posts (Class I – Water, Class III, and Class IX), mechanical workshops, and Command and Control facilities of the 17th Jungle Infantry Battalion (17th BIS).

A refrigerated barge pusher was used in Vila Bittencourt (AM); and two Ferry Boats were used to provide close and continuous support to the troops of the 17th BIS, who operated in the Borderland Strip.

With the end of the Exercise, the 16th Ba Log began to reverse its resources, forming two river convoys: one that departed from Japurá, together with the Logistics Detachment of the 12th Military Region; and the other, which met at the mouth of the Puruê River, and docked at the Fluvial Terminal of the military organization, on the morning of June 25th.

Source: 16th Ba Log

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