Infantry Battalion trains Rapid Reaction CompanyInfantry Battalion trains Rapid Reaction Company

Altamira (PA) – The 51st Jungle Infantry Battalion was designated as the headquarters unit for the preparation of a Rapid Reaction Company, in order to integrate the United Nations Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System, for future employment of specialized troops in jungle operational environment in missions established by the UN.

The Rapid Reaction Company is composed of 180 military personnel from the military organizations of the 23rd Jungle Infantry Brigade, Belém General Hospital, and Marabá Garrison Hospital. Of this personnel, the participation of 15 female soldiers in combat and combat support roles stands out.

The activities began on August 15th, with the concentration of all the military in Altamira. Since then, several preparatory instructions have been carried out for the employment of troops in UN operations. Among the instructions, the activities involving humanitarian issues, shooting exercises, rules of engagement, first aid, mechanized operations, operations in urban environments, and river operations stood out.

From September 12 to 23, the Rapid Reaction Company will undergo a period of certification by military personnel from the Joint Center for Peace Operations in Brazil. During this phase, the Basic and Advanced Peace Operations Exercises will be carried out in the Amazon region, ending the preparatory cycle this year.

Infantry Battalion trains Rapid Reaction Company

Source: 51st Jungle Infantry Battalion

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