Brazilian Army Military conducts evaluation and certification of Colombian military personnel as explosives expertsBrazilian Army Military conducts evaluation and certification of Colombian military personnel as explosives experts

Nile (Colombia) – The Inter-American Monitors Group (GMI) of the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) continues its support of the Comprehensive Action Against Antipersonnel Mines Program of the Organization of American States (AICMA/OAS) in Colombia.

During the week of September 5-9, members of the GMI were at the facilities of the International Demining Center (CIDES), evaluating and certifying new Demining Operators in the handling, identification and destruction of explosive devices (EOD). The evaluation allowed the accreditation of twelve (12) military personnel from the Colombian Army’s Humanitarian Demining Brigade. These soldiers are now able to operate in areas with presence of Antipersonnel Mines and destroy explosive artifacts up to 120 mm in diameter. The evaluation was conducted by Brazilian Army Engineering Major Uemerson Ferreira da Silva.

Since its creation, under the IADB, in 2006, the GMI has been integrated by military engineers of the Brazilian Army and thus demonstrating the importance of its performance in supporting the efforts of Colombian authorities in mine removal and, consequently, in reducing the effects of these artifacts of war that have been penalizing the population of the country for more than five decades. Currently, the Group is integrated by military personnel from Brazil and Mexico.

Brazilian military personnel certify new humanitarian demining monitors in Colombia

Bogota (Colombia) – On September 7, 2022, the Brazilian officers that make up the Inter-American Technical Advisors Group in Colombia (GATI-CO), Lieutenant-Colonel of the Brazilian Army Engineering Cláudio Santos Bispo and Captain-Lieutenant (FN) of the Brazilian Navy Gustavo Lopes da Silva Freitas certified the new National Monitors in Humanitarian Demining in Colombia.

The ceremony took place in the auditorium of the School of Military Engineers of the Colombian National Army. The event was attended by the Director, some instructors and students from the School, authorities from the General Command of the Colombian Military Forces, and the Brazilian Inter-American Technical Advisors.

The National Humanitarian Demining Monitor Course trained and certified nine Colombian military personnel, after eight weeks of intense activities. The students had theoretical and practical instructions and evaluations and were submitted to simulated exercises as Monitors of demining activities, similar to those that have been taking place in the areas of operations in Colombian territory. In addition, they participated in a seminar attended by the main actors responsible for and involved in Comprehensive Mine Action in the country and made some instructional visits to national institutions.

The Colombian military that were certified by the Brazilian officers of the GATI-CO will be able to exercise the function of National Monitor of the demining operations that are underway throughout the country. They will begin to work together with the General Inspection of the Military Forces, performing quality management of all stages of an operation, thus guaranteeing the removal of antipersonnel mines and explosive artifacts in accordance with the requirements established in national and international standards.

As stated by the Inter-American Advisors, Brazilian Military Engineering has provided strong support to the Colombian Military Forces in the expansion of their operational capacity in humanitarian demining. Thus, they contribute to Brazil and Colombia together to rid the country of the scourge of landmines that still today afflict the Colombian people.

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Source: GATI-CO – Aditância do Brasil na Colômbia *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI team ***

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