2ª Divisão de Exército inicia Exercício Agulhas Negras com apronto operacional2ª Divisão de Exército inicia Exercício Agulhas Negras com apronto operacional

Taubaté (SP) – As it happens every year, the troops of the Southeast Military Command (CMSE) crown their year of instruction with a great exercise in the field. In this combat simulation of external defense, called Exercise Agulhas Negras (Black Needles) 2022, the 2nd Army Division will train more than 4.3 thousand soldiers in the most diverse types of operations. It will also be an opportunity to exercise the expeditionary capacity of the São Paulo troops. “It is a privilege to gather so many resources for the execution of an exercise like this one”, said the Commander of the 2nd Army Division, Division General Luís Cláudio de Mattos Basto.

The terrain chosen for this simulation, which will last ten days, includes cities in the Vale do Paraíba and extends to Resende (RJ). This will also be the first major exercise of the 11th Infantry Brigade after its transformation into a mechanized troop.

One of the first activities of the Agulhas Negras Exercise is the operational readiness, held on September 10, at Fort Ricardo Kirk, in Taubaté. This inspection brought together troops, equipment, vehicles, and weapons, and was an opportunity for the commander to address the troops directly and check their preparation for the exercise.

“It is a privilege for us to be here today with the troops of the 2nd Army Division and of the Southeast Military Command for an exercise with this plethora of means, with professional men and women, about 4,300 military personnel on the ground, more than 450 vehicles, more than 70 armored vehicles, aircraft, electronic warfare means, various means that were mobilized so that we could conclude the training of the troops of the Southeast Military Command by the year 2022,” emphasized the Commander of the 2nd DE.

2ª Divisão de Exército inicia Exercício Agulhas Negras com apronto operacional

Before the concentration of means, General Basto issued the operations order and the guidelines for the military training to the commanders of the Brigades and subordinated Units.

The Agulhas Negras 2022 exercise also serves to certify the strategic employment troops of the Brazilian Army and will count on the participation of 46 military organizations, involving a Mechanized Brigade, an Airborne Brigade, paratroopers, anti-aircraft defense troops, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare, electronic warfare, Army Aviation, among others from outside the CMSE, which provide fundamental support for the success of the exercise.

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