In the period from May 9 to 13, 2022, the Santos Dumont Parachute Infantry Brigade Task Force, with more than 1,100 military personnel, led by the 26th Parachute Infantry Battalion, was certified as Readiness Force (FORPRON) of the Brazilian Army.

The FORPRON made its operational readiness in Hamgar 3 of the Afonsos Air Base, being able to start the live simulation exercise, which took place in the city of Resende (RJ), in the Military Academy of the Black Needles (AMAN).

The training consisted of a maneuver, with semi-automatic jump accomplishment, with launching of personnel and material at the Nova Dutra Launching Zone, offensive and defensive operations, in the scope of conquest and maintenance of the air bridge head, in a conventional combat scenario simulated by an Opposing Force.

In this last phase of certification, the troops used the tactical engagement simulation device, a device that simulates combat shooting, requiring the troops to correctly use the techniques, tactics and procedures for the use of weapons used in a real paratroop employment situation.

After being considered certified, the troops are in operational readiness, that is, they are able to act anywhere in the national and international territory.

Credit: Cb Guedes, Sd Neves and Sd Lucas da Silva – Source: 26° BI Pqdt

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United Nations – Department of Peacekeeping Operations – Department of Field Support
Guidelines December 2018:
Operational Readiness Preparation for Troop Contributing Countries in Peacekeeping Missions

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