Betione: CMO’s FORPRON begins firing trainingBetione: CMO’s FORPRON begins firing training

Started this Tuesday, May 17, 2022 and continues until next Thursday, 19, at the Betione Field of Instruction, the Fires Combat Function Training Exercise of the 4th Mechanized Cavalry Brigade, CMO (Comando Militar do Oeste – Western Military Command) Readiness Force (FORPRON).

During the exercise, real fire is conducted with the howitzers of the 9th Field Artillery Group, the organic heavy mortars of the Cavalry Regiments, and the Specialized Module of the 6th Missile and Rocket Group, all integrated with the maneuver of the Fighting Cars, ensuring the training of the troops in “Fire and Movement”.

Source and photos CMO (Comando Militar do Oeste) – English version by Defconpress

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