In the period from May 9th to 12th, the recruits from the 2nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battery (2nd Bia AAAe) participated in the basic camp Operação Boina Preta, in the Lolita Farm, of the city’s Military Brigade. The activity marks the conclusion of the Basic Period started in March, when they were incorporated into the ranks of the Brazilian Army.

The Boina Preta Operation started with a 12 km march and included several practical instructions for the basic formation of the combatant, among them: orientation and day and night progression tracks, camouflage techniques, knots and lashings, a rope track, and a hygiene, prophylaxis, and first aid track.

The exercise had the objective of teaching the combatant how to act in the field, besides developing attitudinal attributes, such as body spirit, tenacity, and the troop’s rusticity.

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