Guararapes Readiness Force executes combat trailGuararapes Readiness Force executes combat trail

On July 6, the 14th Motorized Infantry Battalion – “Regiment Guararapes”, carried out the Combat Group (GC) Combat Trail in External Defense, in the context of preparation of its Readiness Force for certification.

In this opportunity, the following activities were developed: assault and search of facilities with enemy presence; route progression and transposition of critical points; progression using bayonet combat techniques; route recognition in red areas; ambush; and attack on enemy machine gun positions in a delaying position.

The main objectives of the exercise were to maintain the standards of training of the combat group; develop self-confidence and mutual trust; develop the leadership of the group commander; raise the level of combativeness; and develop the team spirit, the individual qualities, and the physical capacity of the combatant.

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