Future sergeants receive the Sgt. Max Wolf Filho SabreFuture sergeants receive the Sgt. Max Wolf Filho Sabre

Três Corações (MG) – This week, 882 students from the Formation and Graduation Courses for Sergeants (CFGS) of the School of Weapons Sergeants (ESA), the Logistics School of Sergeants and the Military College of Vila Militar (EsSLog/CMVM) and the Army Aviation Center (CIAvEx) received, in a solemn ceremony, the Sergeant Max Wolf Filho Sabre.

To receive the Sabre, the Bicentennial Class of Lieutenant Antonio João wore the 1st School Uniform (Gala), a replica of the uniform used at the old São João Fortress School for Sergeants, the first systematized unit for training combatant sergeants in the Brazilian Army.

The Sabre symbolizes the immortal spirit of Sergeant Max Wolf Filho, hero of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, and expresses the cult of tradition and the maintenance of the values of the Brazilian Army, indispensable commitments to the leader of small fractions. It is a replica of the bayonet of the Mauser 1908 rifle, used by Sergeant Max Wolf Filho in the Revolutions of 1930 and Constitutionalist 1932, and will be carried, honorably, by the CFGS Students until the end of the current year of instruction.

At the Logistics Sergeants School and Military College of Vila Militar (EsSLog/CMVM), on March 3, Rio de Janeiro (RJ), during the graduation presided over by the Logistics Commander, Army General Eduardo Antônio Fernandes, 336 Students received the Sergeant Max Wolf Filho Sabre from the hands of their guests.

The Commander of EsSLog/CMVM, Colonel Adail Rodrigues de Assunção, said in his speech that “this solemn act will serve as a stimulus for the Students to continue dedicating themselves hard to the final phase of their training, always attentive to the ethical and moral principles that guide our institution, following their careers with a spirit of body, cohesion and correct military attitude.”

Student Erick Moura Lima, Armament Maintenance, first place of the 1st year CFGS, received the Sabre from the hands of the Logistic Commander, Army General Fernandes, as a fair recognition for his dedication to his studies.

On the occasion, the Head of the Department of Education and Culture of the Army, Army General Flavio Marcus Lancia Barbosa, addressed the Students saying that “the challenges that will be presented to them will serve as tools for the EsSLog to deliver to the country exemplary Army Sergeants of Caxias and that they should honor the Sabre Sergeant Max Wolf Filho, because by recognizing the value of an Army Hero of yesterday, they contribute to the preservation of the national memory”.

In Três Corações, MG, on March 4, in a ceremony presided over by the Army Commander, Army General Tomás Miguel Miné Ribeiro Paiva, 516 ESA Students and 30 CIAvEx Students had the honor of wielding, for the first time, the symbol that represents the military honor of the CFGS Student.

The ESA Commandant, Brigadier General Reinaldo Salgado Beato, spoke about “the beginning of a new stage in the formation and qualification, which will be crowned, at the end of the school year, with the awarding of the 3rd Sergeant badge”. He also emphasized that “throughout the year, through the teaching-learning process, the student’s military spirit will be formed and consolidated, leadership will be developed, and values, which are very dear and unchangeable for the Force, will be internalized.

The Army Commander, Army General Tomás, and the DECEx Chief, Army General Flavio Marcus Lancia Barbosa, delivered the Sergeant Max Wolf Filho Sabre to Student Jhonathan Cássio Bernardo Martins, from ESA, and to Student Christian de Souza Brito, from CIAvEx, the highest ranked students by intellectual merit in the 1st year of CFGS.

The Army’s Assistant Commandant, Sub-Lieutenant Luiz Gustavo da Silva Siston, spoke about the importance of technical-professional training, so that “the Force has in its ranks committed, capable graduates who work tirelessly so that the Army can fulfill its constitutional missions in the best way possible.”

Concluding the ceremony, Army General Tomás highlighted the competitive contest through which the Students of the Sergeants’ Training and Graduation Course passed, who, after graduating, “will be the first commanders, the most concrete expression of the professionalism of our troop, the real responsible for the image of a professional Army, committed to Brazil, members of an Army with more and more integrity and respect.”

At the solemnities, the 882 Students from ESA, EsSLog and CIAvEx pronounced the solemn oath in which they vowed to cultivate and maintain the values and traditions of the Brazilian Army: “Upon receiving this Sabre, symbol of the immortal spirit of Sergeant Max Wolf Filho, I promise to cultivate and maintain the values and traditions of the Brazilian Army.”

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