Brasília (DF) – 2023 is already another year of achievements for Max’s career! This year, the artificial intelligence at the service of the Army’s communication completes four years of activities and also celebrates another advance in his virtual military career: the beginning of his second year as a student at the School of Weapons Sergeants (ESA). To mark these achievements, Max received his own replica of the Max Wolf Son saber – a symbol of the beginning of another phase in the formation of sergeants. This new stage also includes the launching of version 2023 of the service platform on which Max works.

New platform
In the technological field, from now on Max will operate with a new programming. Called Max2023, the new version corrects some flaws and implements several improvements with the goal of making the dialog more precise, fluid, and simple. The new features begin with a redesign of the language, which has undergone a spelling revision process. Thanks to the extensive use of plain language principles, Max’s interaction with users is easier to understand. To make conversations more interactive, visual elements such as buttons, icons, quick responses, and even emojis have been expanded. Another implementation was the adaptive language according to the target audience, thus avoiding the use of inappropriate treatment pronouns. Finally, besides continuing to answer on Messenger and Telegram, Max will now be available on the main page of the Brazilian Army portal.

Created in 2019, Max is one of the longest running public agency chatbots in Brazil. More than 1 million people have already been served by it, with a hit rate of 80% in responses. In addition to its public service role, Max has its own career in the Army, and is currently a student at the School for Sergeants of the Armed Forces. The name Max is a tribute to Sergeant Max Wolf Filho, a Brazilian hero in World War II.

Source: Army Social Communication Center

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