The Minister of Defense, Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira, participated, on the afternoon of Wednesday (8), in a hearing at the House of Representatives, at the invitation of the Committees of Financial Oversight and Control; and Social Security and Family. During the meeting with the parliamentarians, the Minister provided information about purchases of medicines and prostheses made in 2020 and 2021 by the Armed Forces.

Regarding the acquisition of sildenafil citrate, the Minister stressed that the purchase of the drug by the Navy, Army and Brazilian Air Force is intended for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension and systemic sclerosis, and other diseases, according to medical prescription, and is in accordance with the clinical protocols and therapeutic guidelines prepared by the National Commission for Incorporation of Technology (Conitec), of the Unified Health System.

Smoothness – Accompanied by Armed Forces technicians, who presented and explained numbers and figures of the contracts, Minister Paulo Sérgio ratified the smoothness of the procedures carried out and pointed out that the Ministry has already presented to the parliamentarians, through technical notes produced by the Armed Forces, the clarifications requested on the subject.

“I attest that all the acquisitions of the Armed Forces are governed by smoothness, transparency, administrative efficiency, legality, and correctness. Any discrepant cases, when identified, are thoroughly investigated and curbed, whether by internal or external control,” he said.

Contribution – The Minister also pointed out that, “like any citizen,” military personnel, dependents, pensioners, and other users of the Armed Forces health system have the right to specialized medical care. “Thus, they have access to quality consultations and hospital and dental care, for which they contribute monthly, in addition to coparticipating in the expenses in case of procedures, exams, and hospitalizations,” he said.

Search for the missing – During the audience, the Minister also said that everything is being done regarding the disappearance of the English journalist Dom Phillips and the indigenous activist Bruno Araújo. “As soon as the news came out and I became aware of it, I called and sent a message to the group of Force Commanders: ‘Immediately, make available whatever you have around you. Today we have around 150 military personnel,” assured the general. Helicopters, boats and military personnel specialized in jungle environments are being used.

Operation Acolhida – The Minister highlighted the humanitarian role of Operation Acolhida, which has already registered the entry of more than 700 thousand immigrants in Brazil. “Operation Acolhida deserves a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. This is the challenge to this Congress and to this House”, he declared. Among the main activities, Acolhida performs the reception and identification of refugees, health care, shelter, screening and internalization.

*** Translated by DEFCONPress Team ***

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