Ministério da Defesa promove treinamento em atendimento pré-hospitalar táticoMinistério da Defesa promove treinamento em atendimento pré-hospitalar tático

Mariana Alvarenga, with information from Chelog

The Ministry of Defense, through the Logistics and Mobilization Department (Chelog), promoted, between May 30th and June 3rd, the 1st Tactical Pre-Hospital Care (APHt) Training Course. The training, which contributes to the constant logistical and operational improvement of the Armed Forces, allows the military to be always ready to act in the most diverse missions and in defense of society’s interests.

Held at the Navy Center for Operational Medicine (CMOpM), at the Logistics Sergeants’ School (EsSLog), and at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine (Imae), in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the training involved the participation of about 30 military personnel from the three Forces.

During the actions, theoretical and practical instructions were focused on topics such as first aid and basic life support, such as maintaining airway patency; promoting satisfactory pulmonary ventilation; controlling bleeding; preventing shock; treating injuries; and preparing the injured for evacuation.

TCCC Protocol – Based on the TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) protocol – created by the American Department of Defense and used as a standard of care on the battlefield – the training was divided into three phases: Care Under Fire (CUF), Tactical Field Care (TFC), and Tactical Evacuation (Tacevac).

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