The Brazilian Army Assessment Center (Centro de Avaliações do Exército – CAEx) received, on May 24, the visit of a delegation from the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, responsible, in that country, for Research and Development (R&D) and for assessing and integrating the future operational environment with emerging threats and technologies in order to develop and deliver concepts, requirements, future force designs and modernization solutions.

The event, in which the activities and processes of Test and Evaluation (T&A) of the Military Organization were presented, was conducted by the Chief of CAEx, Brigadier General Alexandre Martins Castilho, and was attended by the Chief of Education, Research, Development and Innovation (EPDI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DCT), Division General Robson Santana de Carvalho, the Chief of the Army Technology Center (CTEx), Brigadier General Armando Morado Ferreira, members of the American delegation and military from CTEx and CAEx.

A presentation was made by the Chief of the Material Evaluation Division (DAM), Colonel Marcello Menezes Eifler, followed by a visit to the facilities, where the 120mm Heavy Mortar was fired, with the support of the Rio War Arsenal (AGR), and the 155mm shell was fired, with the support of the 11th GAC, as well as a visit to the Metrology Laboratory.

The activity highlights the importance of the exchange of information between the Army Science, Technology and Innovation System (SCTIEx) and the main R&D body of the United States Land Force, in order to cooperate with scientific research, with the development of technologies, engineering solutions and analysis to define modernization priorities for combat, in fire support and anti-aircraft missile and rocket defense, combat vehicles, cyber defense and individual soldier protection on the battlefield.

Source: CAEx

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