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The Ministry of Defense received a visit from the Indian National Defense College, this Wednesday (08). The delegation, which included military personnel from Bangladesh, Nepal and the United States, participated in a cycle of lectures. The meeting strengthens Brazil’s relations with these friendly nations.

When welcoming the military, the Chief of Strategic Affairs, Air Lieutenant Brigadier Hudson Costa Potiguara, highlighted the relevance of the event for the exchange of knowledge, as far as the Armed Forces are concerned. “We have a lot to debate and explore about strategic issues, science, technology, as well as other defense-oriented topics,” he said.

During the lectures, topics such as strategic planning and the joint action of the Brazilian Singular Forces were presented, as well as the main aspects of the national defense industry.

The initiative is an opportunity to project the performance of the Brazilian Armed Forces in the international scenario, besides contributing to the strengthening of cooperation bonds between nations.

Photos: Igor Soares

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