By Viviane Oliveira

A delegation from the National Defense College of Nigeria participated, on Wednesday (8), in lectures held at the Ministry of Defense (MD) of Brazil. The meeting is an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge about joint missions executed by Brazilian military organizations, about strategic planning, as well as aspects of the national defense industry and foreign policy.

The Nigerian delegation, composed of 27 participants, included civilians and general and senior officers from the Armed Forces of Nigeria, Congo, Nepal and Chad. In addition to providing formal military education, the Nigerian National Defense College, is the African country’s premier military training institution.

The Deputy Commandant of the Nigerian National Defense College, Major General Emeka Victor Onumajuru, explained that the intent of the National Defense College course is to enhance the training of senior military officers selected to operate at the strategic level.

“To achieve this goal, they need to understand the international system, geopolitical dynamics and relations between countries and one of the tools to ensure this knowledge is through study practices. The goal of the tour was achieved, we were exposed to new ideas, new lessons,” he said.

The Military Coordinator of the Ministry of Defense’s Deputy Head of Policy and Strategy, Lieutenant Colonel Marcelo Muller Pons, reaffirmed the importance of strengthening ties of friendship with partner nations. “It is part of the strategic conception of defense to increase mutual trust with other nations,” he explained.

Representatives from the Strategic Affairs Department, the Joint Operations Department, and the Defense Products Secretariat, all from the Ministry of Defense, were in charge of the explanations. The expectation is that other countries like Colombia and Bangladesh will also participate in the study visits promoted by the Brazilian Defense.

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