Brazilian Engineering Cooperation trains military personnel from SenegalBrazilian Engineering Cooperation trains military personnel from Senegal

Bargny (Senegal) – The Brazilian Mission for Cooperation in Military Engineering (MBCEM) conducted the Module II of the Topography Internship for military personnel from the Senegalese Army Engineering, at the Bataillon de Soutien du Génie (BSG) facility, in the city of Bargny, located 45 km from Dakar (Senegal), from September 12 to 23.

The internship had the objective of transmitting knowledge of the most modern topography subjects, topographic surveys, geometric projects, georeferencing, use of software for Atlas and Layout production (QGIS and Metashape Agisoft), and area imaging with drone overflights (Drone Deploy).

Among the practical activities, the seven drone overflights, carried out by the students to capture high resolution images, stand out. Besides the technical training, the Cooperation Mission was able to provide assistance in the patrimonial control of military installations and areas, through the georeferencing of real estate, aiming at the elaboration of a Master Plan of Military Organization; besides strengthening the cooperation bonds between the Brazilian Army Engineering and the Senegalese Military Engineering.

As the main product of the internship, a topographic chart was produced by the students, and delivered to the Commandant of the Engineering Application School. The letter was the first one received by a Senegalese Military Unit.

The instruction team was composed by the Military Advisor of Engineering in Senegal, Colonel José Bráulio de Sousa Terceiro; by the Assistant to the Military Advisor of Engineering, Major QEM Marcos Soares de Souza; by the instructor of the Engineering Instruction Center / 2nd Railway Battalion, Second Sergeant TOPO Lindomar Silva de Moraes; and by the teacher and translator Amadou Baldé.

It was more than 80 hours of instruction, out-of-class work, and practical field activities for the 17 students enrolled, highlighting the participation, as students, of the BSG Command and Services Company Commander, Captain Gabriel Ngom; and of Sergeant Nogoye Seye.

At the closing ceremony, diplomas of completion were presented, technical skills acquired by the students were highlighted, and a survey was conducted, in which the trainees stressed the great importance of the knowledge acquired, the excellent preparation of the instruction, particularly the operation of the drone and information technology tools.

According to Sergeant Landry Salmoss Bassene, “Brazilian cooperation is very important in the specialization of Senegalese engineering military and always develops important technical skills.

The Commander of the Soutien du Génie Bataillon, Lieutenant-Colonel Amadou Niane, and the Commander of the Engineering Application School of the Senegalese Armed Forces, Lieutenant-Colonel Jean Emmanuel Badiane, thanked the Brazilian Mission for Cooperation in Military Engineering for organizing and conducting the activities, and emphasized the professionalism of the Brazilian military.

They also emphasized the importance of the knowledge transmitted to the students, as it will be immediately applied in the various works under execution in Senegalese territory. Regarding the topographic map, they expressed immense curiosity and admiration for the work and said that it will serve as a model for the other heritage areas of the Senegalese Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy, and Gendarmerie).

Source: Aditância de Defesa no Senegal *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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