Brazilian Army Officers conclude International Subunit Commander Course in GermanyBrazilian Army Officers conclude International Subunit Commander Course in Germany

Dresden (Germany) – On September 16, four Brazilian Army intermediary officers concluded the International Subunit Commander Course (Internationalen Einheitsführerlehgang) at the German Army Officers’ School (Offizierschule des Heeres). The three-week course was offered to officers from the Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and Engineering arms, as an additional module to the program that these officers currently take in the country. The main objective of the course was to introduce the Militärischer Führungsprozess (Land Operations Conduct Process), and also to get to know the military and political structures in Germany, as well as the cultural peculiarities of its society. This course was attended by 15 officers from 9 countries.

The main subjects taught at the school are operational and tactical leadership; military law; political education; military history; personnel management, and social skills. The Brazilian military also had the opportunity to participate in the selection exams for the Troops Service Proficiency Medal (Leistung im Truppendienst) and the German Sports Medal (Deutsches Sportabzeichen), and to receive the medals after meeting all the requirements of the Bundeswehr.

The German Army Officers’ School is based in Dresden and is the main training center for officers and officer candidates of the Force. Application courses and advanced training can last from a few days to four months, depending on the program. Through exchange programs and bilateral cooperation, the school annually receives about 60 students from different countries who complete its courses and training.

Source: Aditância do Brasil in Germany

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