Army Doctrine Center participates in a United Nations workshopArmy Doctrine Center participates in a United Nations workshop

Rabat (Morocco) – From September 19 to 23, the Army Doctrine Center, represented by Colonel Vinicius Gonçalves Souza, together with representatives from the Brazilian Navy and the Brazilian Air Force, participated in the 2nd Workshop for revision of the United Nations Military Combat Transport Unit Manual.

The event, held at the Moroccan Armed Forces Headquarters, in the city of Rabat, was attended by representatives from Austria, Ghana, Bangladesh, and Nigeria, besides the host country, and the United Nations Headquarters. Planned and coordinated by the UN Office of Military Affairs, the activity had the objective of appreciating the suggestions and criticisms received by the agencies and by the several peace missions deployed by the UN, after the elaboration of the 1st draft prepared in the 1st Workshop, held in Austria.

The result of four days of doctrinal discussion, the new draft consolidates the text formulated by the specialists, with the good practices pointed out by the transport units deployed in the field. The document addresses the mission, organization, operational capabilities, activities, and tasks, and proposes a guide for troop preparation and unit evaluation guidelines before and during the mission.

The draft will be presented by the representative of the Office of Military Affairs for approval by the Department of Peace Operations and the Department of Operational Support. Source: Land Operations Command

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