Brazilian Army conducts exercise to test new Mallet radio equipmentBrazilian Army conducts exercise to test new Mallet radio equipment

Formosa (GO) – The Department of Science and Technology (DCT), through the Army Communications and Electronic Warfare Command, coordinated an exercise to test the Radio Mallet, communication equipment produced by the Brazilian Army Material Industry (Imbel).

Called Rondon-Mallet II, the activity was carried out at the Formosa Training Field, between September 9th and 30th.

The purpose of the exercise was to test the performance of the Mallet Radio and to verify the adequacy of the military equipment to the operational and technical requirements established for the communications support of the Land Force.

In this opportunity, voice and data links were tested in different situations where the radio is used by troops, personnel, and services.

The 1st Electronic Warfare Battalion and the Command and Control Company were also involved in the activity. Members of the Army Technological Center, the Army Evaluation Center, and the 3rd Mechanized Cavalry Squadron also participated.

Army receives new generation of SABER M60 radars from Embraer

Embraer delivers new generation of SABER M60 radars to the Brazilian Army
Embraer delivers new generation of SABER M60 radars to the Brazilian Army

The Brazilian Army received from Embraer, on September 28, the first two units of SABER M60 radars in their 2.0 version, which will be used in the anti-aircraft artillery units. The delivery of four additional radars of the same model is also planned, as per the contract signed with Embraer in April of this year.

The acquisition of the SABER M60 radars is foreseen in the Strategic Planning of the Brazilian Army 2020-2023 and expands the operational capacity of the Land Force. The result of the partnership between Embraer and the Brazilian Army to develop a low altitude anti-aircraft artillery radar, the SABER M60, which already has exports, has 100% national development and is already in operation in the Army. In 2019, the technological upgrade phase of the radar was completed, resulting in version 2.0.

The SABER M60 is a search radar that integrates a low altitude anti-aircraft defense system, aiming to protect sensitive points and areas, such as government installations and strategic infrastructures. With 3D technology, it has a range of 60 kilometers and up to 16,400 feet in height, allowing it to track up to 60 targets simultaneously, including automatic target detection and classification. It is a tactical radar with great operational flexibility, easy assembly and transport, and can be deployed in up to 15 minutes. It has LPI (Low Probability Interception) technology, which allows high capacity to identify targets without being easily identified.

The SABER M60 can be integrated to weapons systems based on missiles or anti-aircraft cannons, and has provision for integration with other air defense systems, such as the Brazilian Aerospace Defense System (SISDABRA).

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