The Ministry of Defense (MD) will change the editorial line of all its institutional communication during the period known as the electoral off-season, which extends from July 2nd until the end of the elections. The measure follows orientation from the Special Secretariat of Social Communication, of the Ministry of Communications, and is based on Law no. 9.504, of September 30, 1997, known as the Election Law.

The electoral legislation, which comes into force during the period, prohibits the disclosure, past or future, of any content – notes, articles, interviews and reports – characterized as institutional, which may promote the image of the Ministry, the Federal Government or the minister himself and his predecessors.

Thus, in the case of the Ministry of Defense’s website, and to comply with this legislation, the current news page will be suspended and replaced by a new area for the publication of news articles until the end of the electoral process. The new texts will have neutral language with a specific focus on public utility.

Regarding social networks, the official MD social media profiles will also be suspended until the end of the electoral campaign. Others will be created especially for the period.

Check out the Legislation that guides the changes on the Official Site of the Ministry of Defense (text in Portuguese). ->

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