Brazilian Army's Cavalry Regiment intensifies the fight against trans-border crimesBrazilian Army's Cavalry Regiment intensifies the fight against trans-border crimes

Barra do Quaraí (RS) – From August 1st to 10th, the 8th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment (8th RC Mec) participated in Operation Ágata – 3rd Quarter, in the region of the triple border of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, in the fight against cross-border crimes.

Under the coordination of the 2nd Mechanized Cavalry Brigade Command (2nd Bda C Mec), the 8th RC Mec (Mechanized Cavalry Regiment) was employed, in the 1st phase of the operation, in dynamic missions, with motorized patrols, blockade points and river patrols. In the 2nd phase, it set up a road blockade and control point in the city of Barra do Quaraí, and also carried out a river patrol in the Brazilian Island, the territory that demarcates the extreme southwestern point of the country. The river patrol to the 1896 Border Landmark was attended by the commander of the 3rd Army Division, Division General Sérgio Luiz Tratz.

Operation Ágata is an initiative of the Ministry of Justice, in coordination with the Ministry of Defense, with the objective of intensifying actions to combat trans-border crimes along Brazil’s extensive border with neighboring countries. In an interagency environment, the 8th RC Mec had the support of the organic military organizations of the 2nd Bda C Mec, as well as the cooperation of the Brazilian Navy, through the Uruguaiana Fluvial Police Station; and the Military Brigade of Rio Grande do Sul, through the 1st Border Area Police Battalion and the 6th Shock Police Battalion.

Source: 8th Mechanized Cavalry Regiment

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