Armored Infantry Brigade carries out tactical shooting in Steel Fists OperationArmored Infantry Brigade carries out tactical shooting in Steel Fists Operation

Rosário do Sul (RS) – On August 11, 2022, the Task Force of the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade (6th Bda Inf Bld) carried out tactical shooting with weapons of various calibers.

The activity took place within the tactical context that is being developed in the Certification of the Niederauer Brigade, in its last phase, called Live Simulation, to integrate the Army Readiness Force.

Motorized Infantry Brigade performs virtual combat simulation

Garanhuns (PE) – The Task Force of the 72nd Motorized Infantry Battalion carried out the Virtual Simulation exercise for the Certification process of its Readiness Force. The exercise took place between August 7 and 10, at the 72nd Motorized Infantry Battalion, in the context of Operation Guararapes 2022.

In the Virtual Simulation Exercise, the fraction commanders carried out training and rehearsals of tactical actions using software that provides a high degree of realism for the military. The objective of this phase is to evaluate the training of the teams involved, considering their individual abilities and capabilities.

The certification process began the week before, with the issuing of the Operations Order from the 7th Army Division (7th DE) to the 10th Motorized Infantry Brigade, which after planning and defining the maneuver, issued orders to the subordinate military organizations. Thus, the simulations of combat and combat support actions at the Unit and Subunit levels were carried out, which occurred in the constructive simulation phase.

Military personnel from the 71st Motorized Infantry Battalion, the 72nd Motorized Infantry Battalion, and the 14th Motorized Infantry Battalion were involved in the certification phase.

Source: 10th Motorized Infantry Brigade, 6th Bda Inf Bld – Photo Credits: Cap Leite and ST Wanderson

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