Parachute Infantry Battalion of the Brazilian Army trains for operationsParachute Infantry Battalion of the Brazilian Army trains for operations

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – From August 8th to 11th, the 25th Parachute Infantry Battalion (25º BI Pqdt) participated in the activities of the Individual Qualification Instruction Program (IIQ) of the Assurance of Law and Order (GLO) and in the Assurance of Voting and Counting of Elections (GVA) – 2022, platoon level.

The 9 platoons of the Parachute Marine Companies participated in the following instructions: Incidents and Conduct in GVA, Progression in Urban Environment and Practical Shooting Range.

The main focus of the instructions was the rules of engagement of the troops in GVA/GLO, so that the military is fully able to act correctly and proactively in the fulfillment of the mission of guaranteeing the voting and counting during the upcoming elections.

During the elections, the 25th Military Police Battalion will have the mission of contributing with the other public security agencies to build an environment of order and social peace, ensuring the population the necessary conditions for the exercise of the vote.

Source: 25th Parachute Infantry Battalion

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