Brazilian Army Visits the UK Army Collective Training GroupBrazilian Army Visits the UK Army Collective Training Group

LONDON (United Kingdom) – From September 19 to 23, an exchange took place with the Collective Training Group, within the scope of the 2022 Visits to Friendly Nations Plan (PVANA – Plano de Visitas a Nações Amigas). The objective of this activity was to learn about the troop evaluation and certification processes carried out by the Land Warfare Centre of the United Kingdom Army.

The activities counted with the participation of military personnel from ODOp and from that friendly nation, particularly from the Combat Ready Training Centre (CRTC) and Mission Ready Training Centre (MRTC), military organizations responsible, respectively, for the troop certification and preparation processes geared towards the execution of the various missions of that force, including peacekeeping missions.

The visit was marked by the participation and sharing of knowledge among those involved by means of face-to-face presentations, in addition to the monitoring of Live Fire activities carried out at the MRTC facilities.

All the proposed objectives were successfully achieved, especially with regard to the troop certification methodology processes, simulation processes and equipment, and Command and Control structures, as well as understanding the work of the Training Observers and Controllers (OC/T), in the context of the British Army.

Source: COTER

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