Brazilian Army Staff holds symposium at the Ministry of DefenseBrazilian Army Staff holds symposium at the Ministry of Defense

Brasília (DF) – The 7th Army General Staff (EME), through the Center for Strategic Studies (CEEEx), held the Symposium “The Defense Agenda in Foreign Policy”, with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) and the Ministry of Defense (MD).

The activity, which took place on October 5th, in the first floor auditorium of the Ministry of Defense, was attended by military personnel, diplomats and academics, and aimed at discussing the Defense agenda in foreign policy. Strategic issues of interest to the Armed Forces and, in particular, to the Brazilian Army were addressed.

The event was composed of four debate tables: “The influence of the great powers in the geopolitical chessboard of Brazil’s strategic environment and perspectives of regional cooperation”, “Defense and sensitive technologies: international regimes and technological development”, “Cyberspace as a domain in the battlefield” and “Strategic dialogues between Defense and Diplomacy”.

Military, civilian and diplomatic exhibitors attended the symposium as exhibitors, among them: 1st Secretary Filipe Correa Nasser Silva, from the MRE; Professor Alcides Costa Vaz, from the University of Brasilia (UnB); Counselor Cláudio Medeiros Leopoldino (MRE); Brazilian Air Force Colonel Geraldo Antonio Diniz Branco (MD); the 1st Secretary Livia Oliveira Sobota (MRE); Brigadier General Jomar Barros de Andrade (2nd SCh/EME); the 1st Secretary Thiago Tavares Vidal (MRE) and the Commander of Sea and War Eugenio Albuquerque Marques (MD).

The Chief of EME, Army General Valério Stumpf Trindade, the Director of the International Relations Research Institute (MRE), Minister Almir Lima Nascimento, and the Deputy Chief of International Organizations (MD), Division General Marcos Vinicius Fontoura de Melo attended the event.

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