Videoconference brings together commanders participating in the Conference of American Armies

Brasília (DF) – The first videoconference of the commanders participants of the XXXV cycle of the Conference of American Armies (CAA) was held this Tuesday, 11th. Presided by the commander of the Brazilian Army and current president of the CAA, General Freire Gomes, the meeting counted with commanders and command representatives of 25 armies and international organizations of the Americas, besides Spain, which participates as a special observer. The meeting aimed to reinforce the contact between the participants.

During the meeting, besides reports on the progress of the CAA Cycle XXXV, Rio de Janeiro was announced as the host city for the Commanders Conference in 2023. CAA The Conference of American Armies (CAA) is an international military organization.

It is integrated and directed by the armies of the American continent. It acts as a discussion forum for the exchange of experiences between the armies of the continent. The XXXV cycle of the CAA, corresponding to the biennium 2022-2023, is presided by the Brazilian Army. Source: Army Social Communication Center

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