On June 3, the 17th Border Battalion held a graduation ceremony to conclude the Pantanal Operations Internship for officers from the Western Military Command.

The internship, conducted by the Pantanal Operations Training Center (CIOpPan), lasts five weeks, with 572 hours of instruction, divided into three distinct phases. The first phase, called Life in the Pantanal, includes instruction on survival in the Pantanal. The 2nd phase, Special Techniques, consists of instruction in communications, orientation, river and air-mobile techniques, and shooting. And the 3rd phase is for operations with patrol missions in the Pantanal environment.

The ceremony honored the 22 graduates. Present were the Military Commander of the West (CMO), Army General David De Oliveira Junior, commanders of the CMO brigades and representatives from military organizations, as well as family members and members of the José de Souza Damy Civic-Military School.

Throughout its history, the Pantanal Operations Training Center has trained 1,610 Pantanal Warriors, enabling the Army’s military to operate in this specific biome.

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