Army Evaluation Center supports validation test of ammunition manufactured by the Brazilian Army Material Industry

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – The Army Assessment Center (CAEx) – “Campo de Provas da Marambaia/ 1948” supported, on October 20 and 21, the technical shooting to validate the 105mm High Explosive Shot (Tiro 105mm AE) ammunition, manufactured by the Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil-Fábrica de Juiz de Fora (IMBEL-FJF) and to be delivered to the Brazilian Army this month.

The activity, which took place on Lines I and V, was attended by engineers and technicians from IMBEL-FJF and military personnel from CAEx and the 31st Campaign Artillery Group (31st GAC – Es), Artillery School Group. Initially, there was a visual and metrological inspection of the ammunition elements, which were acclimatized in chambers, according to the temperatures foreseen in the norms in force.

During the firing, the initial velocity of the projectile and the accuracy on target were checked to meet the technical and safety requirements in the production of heavy ammunition. The event is essential for adjusting production parameters and verifying the performance of material for military use and is an important participation of the Army’s Science, Technology and Innovation System in generating the Land Force’s combat power and in supporting the Defense and Security Industrial Base.

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