Brazilian Army's War Arsenal and Infantry Battalion develop new sniper suitBrazilian Army's War Arsenal and Infantry Battalion develop new sniper suit

Barueri (SP) – On October 21st, 2022, in partnership with the 6th Light Infantry Battalion (6º BIL), from Caçapava-SP, the War Arsenal of São Paulo (AGSP) started the development and prototyping work of a new sniper suit (Guillie) for Infantry military organizations, using the thermal signature attenuation technology employed in the new Uratau camouflage nets.

The development of this material aims to provide better camouflage to the sniper in the visible and thermal spectrum, in order to make it more difficult to locate the military hidden in the terrain.

The suit developed was used in field tests in Operation Black Needles, and, despite presenting opportunities for improvement in the prototype, it has already resulted in a verified reduction in the thermal signature of the sniper on the ground.

Delivery of a howitzer to the Artillery Group

On October 18, the São Paulo War Arsenal (AGSP), Military Organization subordinated to the Manufacturing Directorate (DF), delivered a 105mm M56 OTO Melara shell to the 8th Parachute Field Artillery Group (8th GAC Pqdt), after the weapon was revitalized by AGSP.

Revitalization is a high-level maintenance job that, as the name implies, gives the weaponry a new operational life.

The revitalization covers the entire armament, which is completely disassembled for component-by-component maintenance. AGSP develops technical and engineering studies to define the processes and establish a supply chain in the national market. After the revitalization, studies are conducted to improve the reliability and maintainability of the armament. At the end, the weapons have their maintenance validated by means of a technical shooting with real ammunition.

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