Armored Infantry train its Readiness ForceArmored Infantry train its Readiness Force

From July 4th to 8th, the 7th Armored Infantry Battalion conducted a training exercise for the Task Force that makes up the Readiness Force of the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade.

Besides the preparation of the Task Force, the activities of occupying an assembly zone, coordinated attack, exploitation of success, and other combat support activities were carried out. Integrating the Armored Task Force, the Battalion was reinforced with a Combat Car Platoon from the 4th Combat Car Regiment, which acted together during the exercise.

During the exercise, held in the Barão de São Borja Training Field, in Rosário do Sul, the mobility corridor, designed by the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade Command, was used. The tactical beaconing provided better conditions for troop training and activity safety, in addition to reducing damage to the environment.

Source: 7th Armored Infantry Battalion

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