Argentina and Brazil sign a letter of intent to move forward with the incorporation of 156 "Guarani 6×6" Fighting Vehicles for the Argentine Army

In the framework of the bilateral meeting between the two countries held this Monday, the Minister of Defense Jorge Taiana and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Mauro Vieira signed a letter of intentions, to promote contractual negotiations between the Argentine Army and IVECO Defense Vehicles to incorporate to the Force 156 units of the Armored Fighting Vehicle on Wheels “Guarani 6×6”.
The production of the “Guarani 6×6” Armored Fighting Vehicle on Wheels includes parts that are manufactured in Argentina, more precisely in the Iveco factory in the province of Córdoba.

In addition to the incorporation of armored vehicles, the letter of intent included the transfer of technology, for the progressive increase of parts manufacturing in Argentina, logistical support and training of crews and technical personnel of the Argentine Army.

This signing represents a milestone in the integration of the respective industries and reinforces the actions aimed at strengthening the integration, cooperation, and mutual trust agenda between the two countries.

On the other hand, this acquisition will also provide an improvement in interoperability between the Argentine and Brazilian armies, since the same vehicle will be operated on both sides of the border.

Of the 156 units that Argentina is demanding for the Army, there are 120 Personnel Transportation Vehicles (VCBR-TP) with machine gun turret, 27 Infantry Combat Vehicles (VCBR-CI) with cannon turret and 9 Command Post Vehicles (VCBR-PC).

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