Operações logísticas regulares do Exército Brasileiro na AmazoniaOperações logísticas regulares do Exército Brasileiro na Amazonia

16th Jungle Infantry Brigade mobilizes the Japurá Border Command

Tefé (AM) – On January 17th, 2023, the Japurá Operation was unleashed, fulfilling the determination of the Military Commander of the Amazon for the creation of the Japurá Border Command.

The 3rd Special Frontier Platoon, located in Vila Bittencourt, will change its subordination from the Solimões Frontier Command / 8th Jungle Infantry Battalion (CFSol / 8th BIS) to the 17th Jungle Infantry Battalion (17thBIS). This change will allow the 17th to better coordinate and plan for the protection and monitoring of the borderland, against transnational illegalities and environmental crimes, increasing the commanders’ situational awareness at all levels.

The 16th Jungle Infantry Brigade (16th Bda Inf Sl), “Mission Brigade”, continues active in actions of External Defense and vigilance in the borderland strip of our Amazon, contributing to the maintenance of territorial integrity and overcoming adversity to fulfill its constitutional mission to protect our sovereignty.

Ship Center participates in the General Transportation Plan of the Amazon Axis in Manaus

Manaus (AM) – On the morning of January 20, 2023, the logistics module of the General Transport Plan (PGT) of the Amazon Axis, headed to Porto Velho-RO, carrying supplies from Manaus, by river, left the Port of the Embarkation Center of the Amazon Military Command (CECMA).

The Logistics Module composed of the Javari pusher and the Brazilian Expeditionary Force ferry is part of one of the largest regular logistics operations of the Brazilian Army and its purpose is to supply Military Employment Materials (MEM) from the chain of command.

In this context, logistical coordination occurs simultaneously in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Manaus so that the river and land transports meet in the city of Porto Velho for the loading and unloading of the MEM, optimizing the transport and reducing the logistical costs of this operation.

The Commander of CECMA, Lieutenant-Colonel Anderson Siqueira da Silva, accompanied by Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Davidson Soares Bitencourt, appointed commander, were present at the departure of the Logistics Module.

8th Supply Depot holds solemnity of the incorporation of the “Piry” Pusher

Belém (PA) – On January 12, 2023, the PIRY pusher was received and incorporated into the fleet of the Transportation Company of the 8th Supply Depot (8th D Sup).

The PIRY pusher, whose name refers to the region of the igarapé where the core of the city of Belém began, today the districts of Campina, Cidade Velha, and Batista Campos, was built to meet the logistical needs of transporting large volumes of supplies in the area of operations in the Eastern Amazon. The vessel has the capacity to transport up to 1200 tons of supplies of various classes and has a tank capacity of 29,000 liters of diesel oil, which provides an autonomy of up to 869 nautical miles, enabling the transportation of supplies from the city of Belém to the city of Manaus.

This new means of river transport, together with the Ferry Boat TENENTE DANIEL BAZOLI, the Ferry Boat MARECHAL BITENCOURT and the ferry FORTE DO PRESÉPIO, will contribute to the achievement of land military capabilities of logistical support, support to the Force projection and logistical support to the deployed forces, ensuring that supplies of various classes are available to the military organizations of the Northern Command.

The Embarkation Center of the Amazon Military Command carries out the first logistics mission of 2023

Manaus (AM) – On the morning of January 16, 2023, the logistics module composed of the pusher tug Maturacá and the rafts Jaraqui and Xingu left the port of the Embarkation Center of the Amazon Military Command (CECMA), bound for the garrison of São Gabriel da Cachoeira-AM.

The mission aims to take foodstuffs and materials of various kinds to the troops deployed in the far west of Brazil, in support of the 2nd Jungle Infantry Brigade (2nd Bda Inf Sl), the 2nd Engineering Group, the Brazilian Navy, and the Brazilian Air Force.

On the occasion, the module driven by a CECMA crew will transport 125 cubic meters of refrigerated goods, 62 cubic meters of dry goods, 6 containers of uniforms, construction materials, vehicles, and equipment, totaling approximately 130 tons of material.

The commander of the 12th Military Region, Division General Carlos André Alcântara Leite, accompanied by the CECMA commander, Lieutenant Colonel Anderson Siqueira da Silva, accompanied the departure of the Logistics Module.

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