The Armed Forces’ logistical support to IBGE is aimed at carrying out the census in the Yanomami Indigenous Land

Air Force Agency, by Lieutenant Johny Lucas

The Amazon Joint Operational Command (Cmdo Op Cj Amz), on Tuesday (03/07), through the Brazilian Army and the Brazilian Air Force, provided logistical support to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), to carry out the last stage of the aerial census operation in the Yanomami Indigenous Territory, in Roraima (RR).

The Brazilian Army is supporting the operation by providing lodging in Surucucu and transporting aviation fuel for the helicopters, while the Brazilian Air Force is transporting supplies and food from the field missions to Surucucucu.

According to the IBGE, the action was articulated by the Ministry of Planning and Budget (MPO), together with the ministries of Health, Defense, Justice and Public Safety, Indigenous Peoples and the Civil House, and the Armed Forces General Staff.

Also according to the IBGE, the health centers in the locality will serve as support points for the census takers during the work, which should last 30 days. The census operation will visit 169 villages in Roraima and three in Amazonas.

The IBGE’s manager of Traditional Territories and Protected Areas, Fernando Damasco, highlighted the importance of the Cmdo Op Cj Amz’s contribution to the mission.

“Considering that the location of Surucucu is strategic for helicopter flights inside the Yanomami Land, the accommodation support provided by the Army at the Special Border Post is essential to make the work viable, housing a fixed coordination team and functioning as a way station for the census takers who will conduct the interviews in the communities. We are also relying on FAB to transport supplies to Surucucu, ensuring food and general supplies for the team. Without this cooperation it would be impossible to carry out the Census and count all the population residing in this region with so many logistical challenges, but, at the same time, so strategic for the national sovereignty and autonomy of the indigenous people”, he emphasized.

Photos: Müller Marin / CECOMSAER and Arara Squadron – Video: André Souza / CECOMSAER

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