Foto 02:: Da esq., Eliana Teixeira, diretora de RH da IACIT; Major Brigadeiro do Ar Marcio Bruno Bonotto, vice-diretor do DECEA; Tenente-Brigadeiro do Ar Alcide Barbacovi, segurando uma maquete do Radar RMT 0200; Luiz Teixeira, presidente da IACIT; diretor de Marketing e Vendas da IACIT, Gustavo de Castro Hissi, diretor de Marketing e Vendas da IACIT, e o presidente do CISCEA, Brigadeiro Engenheiro Alexandre Arthur Massena Javoski

The radar network will contribute to increase the safety and efficiency of air traffic throughout the country; the contract was signed during Airspace World, in Geneva

The strategic defense company IACIT Soluções Tecnológicas and the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) signed last Wednesday (8), in Switzerland, a contract for the supply of five RMT 0200 S Band Double Polarization Solid State Weather Radars. The radar network will expand the meteorological coverage of Brazilian airspace and contribute to the safety and efficiency of flights in the country.

The signing ceremony took place during Airspace World 2023, which began on Wednesday and runs until Friday (10), in Geneva.

The document was signed by the president of the CISCEA (Commission for Implementation of the Airspace Control System), Brigadier Engineer Alexandre Arthur Massena Javoski, and by the president of IACIT, Luiz Carlos Paiva Teixeira. The director-general of DECEA (Department of Airspace Control), Air Lieutenant Brigadier Alcides Teixeira Barbacovi, accompanied the ceremony.

Combining state-of-the-art technologies, the RMT 0200 is able to provide information about the location and support the monitoring of meteorological phenomena at long distances, in real time (nowcasting). It provides detailed data on the formation and characteristics of atmospheric events, being able to classify them according to their nature and severity, crucial information for safety and air traffic management.
The radar manufactured by IACIT is the only Solid-State Double Polarization S-Band weather radar developed and manufactured in Brazil, and was classified as a PED (Strategic Defense Product) by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense in 2019.

O presidente da CISCEA (Comissão de Implantação do Sistema de Controle do Espaço Aéreo), Brigadeiro Engenheiro Alexandre Arthur Massena Javoski, e pelo presidente da IACIT, Luiz Carlos Paiva Teixeira.

The radars acquired by DECEA will be part of a Brazilian airspace monitoring network. They will be integrated to the WEBRADAR system, used by the Integrated Center for Aeronautical Meteorology (CIMAER), for data analysis, supervision and operation of meteorological radars and support to operations to provide aeronautical meteorology services such as VOLMET.

The implementation of the Weather Radar network meets the planning of the CISCEA, the agency responsible for planning and implementing airspace surveillance and control assets throughout Brazil.
For IACIT’s president, this contract with FAB ratifies the efficiency and reliability of the solutions developed by the company, which completes 37 years of activities next May.

“The supply of these five RMT 0200 radars reinforces our partnership with the Brazilian Air Force, especially with DECEA, aiming at the continuous development, deployment and improvement of means that contribute to a greater situational awareness and efficiency of the Brazilian airspace management”, said Luiz Teixeira.

Photo cover :: From left, Eliana Teixeira, IACIT HR director; Air Major Brigadier Marcio Bruno Bonotto, deputy director of DECEA; Air Lieutenant Brigadier Alcide Barbacovi, holding a model of the RMT 0200 Radar; Luiz Teixeira, IACIT president; IACIT Marketing and Sales director, Gustavo de Castro Hissi, IACIT Marketing and Sales director, and CISCEA president, Brigadier Engineer Alexandre Arthur Massena Javoski

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