Seventh Regional Air Command celebrates 40 years of FAB operations in the Amazon

Military ceremony with the presence of the Manaus Air Force Garrison included the presentation of decorations that marked the event

Air Force Agency – VII COMAR, Lieutenant Catherine and Captain Alcoforado

The Manaus Air Base (BAMN) held, on March 03, the military ceremony of the 40th anniversary of the Seventh Regional Air Command (VII COMAR). The ceremony included the Manaus Air Force Garrison troop parade and was presided by the VII COMAR commander, Air Major David Almeida Alcoforado. Civil and military authorities were present.

During the ceremony, the Honorary Member of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) recognition was awarded. This award was created to recognize excellence in the partnership between the FAB and Brazilian or foreign civilian or military reserve personalities. Next, the Graduated and Standard Trooper Awards were presented, to honor those who stood out in the performance of their duties in their work environments, both for their personal conduct and for their correct military and professional behavior.

The tributes and recognition ended with the awarding of medals for length of service. This is a recognition and acknowledgement of the good work done according to the length of service – 10, 20, or 30 years. The medals were given to five soldiers of the garrison.

The BAMN Commander, Major-Brigadier David, highlighted the importance of the VII COMAR’s four decades of existence, rescuing the history of military action development in the Amazon, which culminated with the creation of the VII COMAR in 1983, so that there would be a better representation of the FAB in the region. “The fact holds special reverence for the heroes who worked for the sovereignty and integration of the Amazon,” he highlighted. “As we complete 40 years of existence, it is with pride that I greet all the members, yesterday and today, in the certainty of honoring the legacy received, with the commitment to contribute to the efforts of the FAB and all Brazilians for the sovereignty of Brazil, in respect to the native peoples, who effectively work in the preservation of such great wealth of the Amazon region,” he concluded.

Photo: Sergeant Pardo / BAMN

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