West Point cadets on cultural exchange in Brazil visit the Monument to the Pracinhas

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – On February 7, the National Monument to the Dead of World War II (MNMSGM) received a visit from a committee of military personnel from the United States Army.

The delegation, composed of cadets from the United States Military Academy West Point, who are conducting a cultural exchange program in Brazil at the Instituto Militar de Engenharia (Military Engineering Institute), was received by the MNMSGM’s Subdirector and attended an institutional lecture addressing aspects of the Brazilian Armed Forces’ participation in the European Theater of Operations, As well as the effort and dedication of Marshall João Baptista Mascarenhas de Moraes, Commander of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, to repatriate his commanded men who lost their lives in combat during Brazil’s participation in World War II and to bury them definitively in the MNMSGM mausoleum.

At the end, the military of that Friendly Nation, in a mediated visit, toured the mausoleum and the exhibition room of the Cultural Space.

Source: National Monument to the Dead of World War II

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