US Consulate honors Public Safety highlights in social inclusion in Porto Alegre / RSUS Consulate honors Public Safety highlights in social inclusion in Porto Alegre / RS

Servers of public security institutions will receive awards for their actions in defense of diversity, equality, inclusion and accessibility

Porto Alegre: Next Thursday, September 1st, at 5pm, the Consulate General of the United States in Porto Alegre will honor six representatives of institutions linked to Public Safety, such as the Secretary of Public Safety of RS, Public Prosecutor’s Office of RS, Military Brigade¹, Civil Police, Criminal Police, and the Secretary of Health of Porto Alegre, for their work in promoting diversity, equality, inclusion, and accessibility.

A recent example of this type of work was the partnership between the US Consulate General in Porto Alegre and the Public Safety Department of Rio Grande do Sul to format the Sports Diplomacy program – Sports for Social Change.

Through this alliance, eight teenagers were selected based on the municipalities prioritized by RS Seguro and went to the United States to learn about projects that combine the practice of sports and community leadership. “In the Sports Diplomacy programs, we use sports as a tool to empower young people so that they can create solid organizations and programs that develop their communities, with job generation and that have a positive impact against violence,” explains Davis Wallentine, Regional Security Director of the US Consulate General in Porto Alegre.

The servers will receive the Champions of the Cause – Public Security Champions of DEIA trophy from the Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy and Consulates in Brazil, Douglas Koneff. Next, educator Rodrigo Sabiah will give a talk about his experience in the prison system and his process of social reintegration.


  • Deputy Antônio Carlos Pacheco Padilha, Police Deputy and Coordinator of the RS SEGURO program, State Governor’s Office, representing the RS Secretary of Public Safety, for his work in developing the RS Seguro program;
  • Attorney of Justice Ângela Salton Rotunno, representative of the Public Ministry of RS, for her work in the area of Human Rights in MPRS;
  • Colonel Vladimir Luis Silva da Rosa, representative of the Military Brigade, for his work with the police on racial issues;
  • Delegate Andréa de Melo Mattos Reschke, representing the Civil Police, for her work with the DPCI, Police Station for Combating Intolerance;
  • Rosane Lazzaroto Garcez, career employee of the Superintendence of Penitentiary Services, for her work on good practices in the penitentiary system;
  • Professor João Eduardo Reymunde, representative of the Municipal Health Secretariat of Porto Alegre, for his work with the city hall in public and social actions.

*What is DEIA?

DEIA (acronym in English: diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility). In June 2021, President Joe Biden signed the document that laid the foundation for the entire U.S. government to cultivate a workforce based on all of the nation’s diversity and that promotes equitable employment opportunities. The Executive Order reaffirms that America is stronger when the nation’s workforce reflects the communities it serves and when our public servants have all the tools to promote equality for the entire American community.

¹The Military Brigade of Rio Grande do Sul, or simply Brigada Militar. It is a public security force whose function is ostensible policing. In the legal sphere, the BMRS is classified as a military police under the terms of article 42 of the Federal Constitution of 1988.

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team ***

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