Motorola Solutions Launches WAVE PTX in Brazil to Optimize Enterprise ProductivityMotorola Solutions Launches WAVE PTX in Brazil to Optimize Enterprise Productivity

Instant Workgroup Communication Solution Offers Push-to-Talk (PTT) Voice and Data, enabling teams to stay connected regardless of network or device

Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) announces the launch of WAVE PTX™ in Brazil, an instant communication service via broadband subscription, offering nationwide coverage regardless of network technology. WAVE PTX enables companies to connect their disparate teams instantly and reliably to keep operations running and optimize productivity.

Companies in the transportation and logistics, private security, manufacturing, agribusiness, construction, real estate, and hospitality industries are already transforming their communications capabilities with the help of WAVE PTX. The release delivers real-time secure PTT voice and data communications over any IP network, allowing workers and their teams to share images, documents, maps, messages, and videos, and stay connected using their usual devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, radios), no matter what network they are using.

WAVE PTX is a flexible cloud-based service that operates with any Android or IOS mobile device, or PC with a web dispatcher, and allows interoperability with DMR and TETRA two-way radio systems. It also includes video streaming, which enables WAVE PTX users to continuously stream images from their devices with the push of a button, allowing all team members to view events and activities in real time.

In addition to the application and its features, the service includes advanced dispatch software that organizes and coordinates team communications, providing a comprehensive view of all operations. This includes accurate mapping tools to locate people and resources, which helps increase situational awareness and protect workers in the event of an emergency.

“Today’s world, where remote and virtual work is prevalent, highlights the need for employees to be able to connect securely from any location and any device. The WAVE PTX is a scalable solution that can be deployed quickly, enabling instant team communication at the push of a button, ensuring workgroups are connected at all times to maintain productive and efficient operations,” said Manuel Moreno, Broadband PTT Product Manager, Motorola Solutions Latin America.

Motorola Solutions complements its WAVE PTX offering with the TLK 100 (handheld) and TLK 150 (mobile) devices, designed exclusively for this service, which optimizes effectiveness and ease of use and facilitates interoperability with MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems.

The new devices feature location services, 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, voice announcement, and incoming call identification. For ease of management, the device can be configured remotely and “over- the-air” via a web browser. The TLK 100 and TLK 150’s rugged design is based on military standards and is ready for national broadband use.

The WAVE PTX application is available in Brazil through authorized resellers to sell this solution in the country.

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