Condor participates for the first time in the International Police Expo in New DelhiCondor participates for the first time in the International Police Expo in New Delhi

For the first time in the Indian market, whose population has surpassed that of China and is already the fifth largest economy in the world, surpassing England, Condor Non-Lethal Technologies is taking part in the International Police Expo, in New Delhi, India, this Wednesday and Thursday, July 4 and 5. The event presents the main highlights and latest technologies for the public security market in India.

In addition to its traditional portfolio of non-lethal solutions, Condor brought some of its latest innovations to India. Among them is the Condor Drop, an advanced drone designed to launch non-lethal loads, which brings greater safety for the operator and extreme precision in actions. This cutting-edge solution represents a milestone in the evolution of security operations, offering an effective and safe tool for remote interventions.

Operated by an intelligent system, the Condor Drop’s software is capable of creating a situational reading of the operation, facilitating command decisions. The Condor Drop can carry up to 48 charges, including tear, colored smoke, pepper and liquid agents, which can be launched individually or sequentially, as planned. This versatility and adaptability make the Condor Drop an essential tool for operations around the world.

The company’s stand will also feature Spark-Duo, the new two-shot neuromuscular incapacitating electrical device. This device is equipped with an intelligent system for generating data and reports, as well as being integrated with Condor’s other non-lethal solutions.

Condor’s line of smart grenades stands out for using advanced software that replaces gunpowder with a sophisticated electronic system. With this, the grenades can be programmed to detonate at the exact time interval planned by law enforcement agents, guaranteeing total precision and control in their operations.

Another highlight is Condor’s controlled impact line, which includes the 10 mm caliber Defensor non-lethal pistol, designed for close range with non-lethal ammunition, and the already renowned 12 gauge Precision. Considered the most accurate 12 gauge elastomer ammunition in the world, with patents in Brazil and the USA, Precision will also be presented to the Indian market by Condor.

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