The Ministry of Defense and the Brazilian Armed Forces participate in the 7th BID Brazil Show

Brasília, 12/05/2022 – The Ministry of Defense (MD) and the Brazilian Armed Forces will participate, as exhibitors, in the 7th edition of the BID Brazil Show. Between December 6th and 8th, at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, in Brasília (DF), visitors will get to know the main technological advances of the Navy, Army and Air Force, as well as the work of the Ministry for the growth and development of the national Defense Industrial Base (BID).

During the show, the Ministry will highlight the importance of defense technological autonomy for the country’s sovereignty. The Ministry’s booth will have a large area for interacting with the public, as well as a LED screen showing institutional videos about the main strategic defense projects and the Defense Industrial Base.

The Brazilian Navy will have an exhibit with emphasis on virtual reality. Parachute and gangway simulators – the ship’s command room – will allow experiences that are faithful to those of military personnel on missions. This edition will also feature the expeditionary robot, which can be used to deactivate explosive artifacts, collect samples, and detect contaminated areas, among others.

The Brazilian Air Force will exhibit a real size model of the F-39 Gripen, which will be open to visitors. Produced in partnership with Sweden, the fighter jet is known worldwide for its advanced technological capabilities. Next to the model there will also be prototypes of nano-satellites, rockets that help send satellites into space with precision.

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