Temporary sergeants ready to serve in southern BrazilTemporary sergeants ready to serve in southern Brazil

Santa Maria (RS) – Professionals with a technical level have completed the Basic Internship for Temporary Sergeants in garrisons of Rio Grande do Sul. The ceremony, which marked the end of the course in Santa Maria, brought together family and friends of the concluders at the 1st Combat Car Regiment. In all, 37 sergeants have already started to serve in several military organizations in the region.

The class is made up of professionals with various qualifications: Technician in Administration, Technician in Accounting, Technician in Buildings, Technician in Nursing, Technician in Computer Science, and Technician in Automotive Maintenance. Among them are 26 women and 11 men.

Internship program

The internship is divided into two phases. The first is for common instructions, in which the trainees have the opportunity to learn and perfect attributes from the affective area, such as cohesion, leadership, self-denial, and resourcefulness. In the second phase, trainees are directed to specific activities of each specialty area, associated with the functions they will perform after the training period.

Among the practical training specific to the military career, the trainees go through the Basic 7.62mm Rifle and 9mm Pistol Shooting instruction. They also participated in an operational readiness, and in the Basic Instruction Camp, with instructions on improvised shelters, day and night orientation, and the execution of an 8 km march. Military Physical Training is also an integral part of the new sergeants’ training.

All the activities are aimed at promoting the adaptation of the Temporary Technical Sergeant to life in the campaign and in the barracks. The training seeks to develop in the new soldiers the skills and attributes inherent to the Caxias soldier, such as initiative, courage, flexibility, endurance, and perseverance.

The Temporary Sergeant

The Temporary Military Service is transitory in nature, lasting 12 months, extendable for equal periods, up to the maximum time allowed by law of 96 months. Temporary military service is open to volunteer men and women who are technicians or specialists in diverse areas of interest to the Land Force. Admission occurs through simplified selection processes, regionally advertised on the sites of the twelve (12) Military Regions in Brazil.

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